Cobel Group in a Glimpse

  •  Leading Pharmaceutical Group with a Fully Integrated Structure
  •   Partners of Most Innovative Multinationals
  •   Balanced Portfolio: Prescription Medicines, Consumer Health Care and Generics
  •  Strong Presence in 12 Therapeutic Fields
  •  Over 1350 Dynamic People Working to Bring Quality Medicines to Iranian Patients

Main Activities

  •  Cobel Darou: Registration, manufacturing, Importation, marketing and sales
  •  Dr. Abidi: Product Development and Production
  •  Almagen Darou: Licensing of Innovative Medicines
  •  Adora Teb: Distribution to Pharmacies and Hospitals




  To be recognized by all stakeholders as the most reliable Iranian provider of diverse healthcare products and services.



  To provide the Quality and Affordable products and services for all walks of life.
•  To be known for having the most talented.
  To be the leading pharmaceutical Group in Iran.


Attitude is the only thing that counts. What each and every one of us deeply believes in and strives for is the concept of excellence. There comes a point for so many to suffice to a level of standard, that’s where we never stop. We’ll conjugate the verb; excel, in whatever we do; our work, our talents, our quality and everything else.

Perspective is what shapes the world we live in. The angle from which we look at the world is brimmed with the desire for creativity and innovation. Encouraging for the new perspectives, new ideas and new trends is an attempt for possessing the creative binoculars through which we view the world.

Honesty is what keeps reminding us that we are humans and humanity is our religion. What distinguishes humans from machines is ethics. Integrity in Cobel is that brake pedal that we have to step on where we feel we are taking an unethical direction on the way to success. This value embedded deep within us is the light we depend on to lead us to the right path.